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So what is a house concert?

A house concert is a gathering of friends in your living room with live music, food and drinks. These small shows are truly one of my favorite ways to share music. It’s such a great way to connect with an audience and share stories in a cozy setting. 


Do I need to have a large house?  

Absolutely not! Cozy living rooms work great. And you’d be surprised by how many guests you can fit in a small space. I know I was when I hosted another artist in my own small living room!


How many people should I invite?

House concerts typically include anywhere from 15 - 40 guests, or as many as you'd like to invite - depending on the size of your room! A minimum of 15 guests helps ensure there will be good energy in the room.


How much does it cost?

House concerts are free to host! I just ask for a minimum of 15 paying attendees a suggested donation of $15-$20 per person. Be sure to let your guests know about the donation ahead of time and then a pass-the-hat towards the end of the concert works great. Or if you’d rather, you can make this a free event for your guests and cover the donation yourself.  And I don’t want cost to keep people from coming, so if you have budget concerns, let’s talk and figure out an option that will work for you!


How do I plan a house concert?

Once we pick a date and time, just set up a Facebook event or an Evite and invite your friends! I’ll supply you with a photo you can use if you’d like, as well as links to my music so that you can introduce your guests to what I do.


As far as room set up goes, couches work great on the sides of the room, with dining chairs or folding chairs in the center, and then stools in the back if you have them. I’ll need a little spot up front and I’ll take care of bringing a small system and setting all of that up. The main thing to remember is that this is meant to be fun and low-stress, so keep it simple!


Will this be a public event?

This will be a private event in your home with people that YOU invite. It’s your house so you get to call the shots! If you would like me to invite my fans who live in your area as a way to help fill the room I would be glad to do so, but it’s completely up to you. And you can rest assured, that I will never list your address on my website or Facebook page.  


What happens on the night of the house concert?

Typically during the first 30 – 45 minutes guests arrive and have a chance to chat over appetizers and drinks. When it’s time to get started the host will invite everyone to have a seat and then introduce me. A short and sweet intro is fine, “And now it’s my pleasure to introduce Jessi McNeal.” No lengthy speech required! I typically play an hour set, and just ask that while I’m playing guests are seated and listening. It makes it a lot more fun for everyone! At the end, you can thank your guests for coming and let them know that I have CDs and merchandise available for sale.  


How do I book a house concert?

Fill out the form below and I'll be in touch to chat about dates and to answer any questions! 


Thanks! Message sent.

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