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Raised in rural Washington state in the log house built by her parents, Jessi McNeal is a singer-songwriter and painter and she draws much or her inspiration from country life. Americana, bluegrass, and folk traditions are present in her music, and the imagery and landscapes of country life weave their way into both her songs and paintings.

Billboard premiered her latest album The Driveway and called the collection of songs "reflective." "That's definitely how I process life: pen and guitar in hand," McNeal told Billboard. Her sound is comforting and inviting, though she doesn’t shy away from the difficulties and struggles of life’s journey, instead, using songwriting as a soothing balm for many wounds, creating songs rimmed in redemption.

Jessi has been painting since 2013 and she primarily works in acrylic on canvas and wood panels. Her work can be found in Pacific Northwest galleries including Whimsey in Fairhaven, Washington and Ernie & Gray in Salem, Oregon. Her style is bright and colorful and and her landscapes, vintage campers and pet portraits are beloved by her collectors. Visit's Jessi's art website here.

Jessi and her husband have four children, and they make their home north of Seattle in the Skagit Valley on their five-acre property.

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